A total of two Teamfight Tactics Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship invites were on the line for 24 of the best tacticians in the Oceanic region. 

Competing via Neon NIghts Patch 12.5, a total of 24 players battled for two TFT Worlds invites over the course of three days. Scheduled from April 1 to 3, players competed via six games per day. Eight players were cut each day, showcasing a top-eight final lobby on day three of the TFT 6.5 OCE Regional Finals. Players competed for two Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship invites and a total prize pool of $6,600. 

April 1 OCE Regional Finals standings

Screengrab via ORDER and Riot Games

A total of six games were played with 16 players advancing to day two. Lobbies were reseeded every two rounds and points were reset after each day. Haikwun, Yush, and Knpngrz started the first day of the TFT 6.5 OCE Regional Finals off with first-place finishes during game one.  

Attack damage based comps like Sivir Striker and Warwick Chemtech re-roll were seen consistently across all three lobbies during the first day of the OCE Regional Finals. Haikwun, Huey Dewey Louie, Yush, and Knpngrz had strong performances, locking in a day two advancement by game five.

Sitting on the bubble was around a dozen players heading into game six, including past OCE champions like Escha and Oubo. Escha barely made the day two cut but Oubo missed by one point despite finishing in first during game six.

Screengrab via ORDER and Riot Games

Here were the top 16 TFT players advancing to the second day of the OCE Neon Nights Regional Finals:

  • Yush: 41 points
  • Haikwun: 39 points
  • Knpngrz: 38 points
  • Xu Xu Bird: 33 points
  • Daytred: 31 points
  • Kahdei: 31 points
  • Dojo Mojo: 30 points
  • Huey Dewey Louie: 29 points
  • Fortune Chosen: 29 points
  • Gitoff: 28 points
  • Dawnglade: 27 points
  • Donaldinho: 27 points
  • Angora: 26 points
  • TXE: 25 points
  • Take it Easy: 25 points
  • Escha: 25 points

Updates to the TFT Neon Nights OCE Regional Finals will take place following the final standings for each day of the tournament.


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