Clash Royale recently introduced the Miner update to the mobile game with a new card, changes to Badges, and the Card Mastery feature. Accompanying the update are the April 2022 balance changes, which will go live on Monday, April 4.

As many as five cards are being buffed while six are getting nerfed. Two cards are also being reworked with a major change being made to the Electro Giant, which now costs seven elixirs instead of eight but has lesser hitpoints and damage. Here are all of the balance changes for April 2022. 



  • It now gives +2 level instead of +1. 

Golden Knight

  • Dash Range: Five to six
  • Dash chain stops when he reaches a tower.

Giant Skeleton

  • Hit speed: Increased by seven percent
  • Hitpoints: Increased by seven percent


  • Hit speed: Increased by nine percent

Ice Spirit

  • Freeze duration: Increased by 30 percent



  • Spawn rate: Decreased by five percent

Ram Rider

  • Slow effect: 85 to 70 percent

Archer Queen

  • Ability hit speed boost: 200 percent to 180 percent


  • Spawned Skeletons: One less skeleton will spawn.


  • Hitpoints: Decreased by four percent

Mega Knight

  • Spawn Damage: Decreased by 20 percent


Elixir Collector

  • It will now give one more Elixir at destruction. 
  • Duration: 70 to 65 seconds
  • Elixir generation: 8.5 to nine seconds

Electro Giants

  • Elixir cost: Eight to seven
  • Hitpoints: Decreased by 15 percent
  • Damage: Decreased by 15 percent


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