A player that your platform denies permission to play with you has joined the game Currently warzone 2.0 players are experiencing new problem, While loading screen of DMZ mode. As you know that Dmz mode is most popular mode in call of duty series.

Issue occur with players when they click on Deploy button in Dmz mode. After sometimes this massage pop’s up. It says platform denies permission to play with you has joined the game. We will discuss about this issue & also you will get proper method to fix it. For More Upcoming future error You can Check “Creators yuga” website for upcoming call of duty errors

A player that your platform denies

Platform denies permission

Platform denies permission First of all lets discuss about it, Why we are getting it. It seems to be related to the crossplay. If your console and others players console are different, That means you both are playing game in crossplay mode. Previously in warzone, We already faced same kind of issue.

So in warzone we could fix it by disabling crossplay option. This option doesn’t allow game to pair with another console players. But in case of warzone 2.0, Most frustrating thing is “there is no crossplay option available”. That means we can’t turn off crossplay option. So now the question is how to fix “permission denies” problem in warzone 2.0.

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How to fix permission denies – WARZONE 2.0

How to fix permission denies WARZONE 2.0 Finally we got some players response on this particular problem. They shared some ways to fix it. But this is temporary fix, You may need to do it every time while matchmaking. You can do following things-

  • Click on No until match gets started
  • Ignore pop up massage
  • Paying for xbox live

1. Click on No

In order to fix denies permission issue in warzone 2.0, You need to click on No button instead of pressing yes. You have to keep pressing no until your match gets started. Some players tweeted that when they did same step, Problem resolved automatically.

A player that your platform denies

2. Ignore pop up massage

If you are still getting platform denies issue then you can ignore this massage. When this massage pop’s up, You don’t have to click on yes or no. You have to wait until match gets started. You can see countdown behind the pop up massage.

warzone 2.0 still allow you to play with those players, Where your platform denies permission to play. So simply ignore this massage every time you got same issue.

3. Paying For Xbox Live

If you are a xbox player, Then you should purchase xbox live in order to solve platform denies permission bug. I know that many of you will think that, Why do we need to purchase xbox live for free to play game. But many warzone players got resolved by this.

This is your choice. Same thing already happened previously with warzone.

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