Modern Warfare 2 Third Person

Modern Warfare 2 Third Person Mode Is Back As you know that call of duty modern warfare early access has been live. Cod next event were hosted by activation and infinity. They reveal many feature for upcoming call of duty series. Also they upload the trailer of call of duty warzone mobile. Which is one of the hot topic on internet.

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What is Modern Warfare 2 3rd Person Mode

All gamers all ready know about the third person mode. But from 2009 to now a date there is third person was missing. Third person is very essential part of any battleroyal or shooter games. Many call of duty players were missing this features. Now you can play modern warfare 2 as third person.

Finally Modern Warfare 2 Third Person Mode is back. This is one of the cool feature in call of duty games. Now you will be able to use both mode. If you are TPV player then this is good news for you. Many players are comfortable with third person mode while other is with first person mode. During CODnext event activation & infinity were presented third person mode in game.

At that time every one got shocked. This was not expected that call of duty could have third person mode. Now player can feel it like battleroyal games like pubg, fortnite etc.

Why Third person is best feature in game ?

Modern warfare 2 finally release with its third person mode. Everyone are soo happy to see 3rd person mode in cod mw2. This is a new features after 2009. Now lets undertand the benefits of third person mode in call of duty mw2.

  • Player can play it like other battleroyal games
  • Anytime you can switch back to any camera preview
  • Killing advantage
  • This will help you during aiming with grenade

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