Modern warfare 2 Scan and repair Fix

Modern warfare 2 Scan and repair Fix So gamers, Every call of duty players are facing “scan and repair” massage while launching modern warfare 2. Cod mw2 is not launching, It is keep crashing with following massage.

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Modern warfare 2 Scan and repair Fix
Modern warfare 2 Scan and repair Fix

This is very common issue, So you don’t have to worried about it. Now we gonna discuss about it, Why modern warfare 2 players are facing scan and repair pop up massage. After that we will learn how can we fix it and stop crashing.

How to fix “Modern warfare 2 Scan and repair Bug” ?

So in order to fix scan and repair bug in call of duty modern warfare 2, We need to understand why it is happening. So main reason is our game file have been corrupted. Now the main question is that, Why our game file got corrupted? So there could be many reason like improper update, antivirus blocks some files, malware etc.

So in such case we need to “scan and repairmodern warfare 2 game files. Also there could be one more reason, Which is our graphic driver is outdated. As you know that new games comes with new technology. Which requires latest fixes, Which could be only done with the help of update.

So if our graphics driver is outdated for modern warfare 2 then we need to repair it. But you have to install it manually.

scan and repair modern warfare 2

How to scan and repair modern warfare 2 ?

So in order to scan and repair call of duty modern warfare 2, You need to launch game launcher which could be battlenet or steam. So lets talk about steam now. In case of steam you will see verify integrity instead of scan and repair option.

  • Just you have to right click on call of duty modern warfare 2
  • Then click on local files
  • Then click on verify integrity of game file
  • This will take some time to complete, You have to wait for it.

Similarly if you are a battlenet user then click on gear icon of modern warfare 2. Now you will simply see scan and repair option. You have to click on scan and repair and wait for it.

How to update graphics driver for modern warfare 2 ?

In order to update graphics driver for modern warfare 2, You need to avoid bad ways of doing it. Many of the players are doing same mistake. They just go on device manager and simply click on “scan for hardware changes”, But this doesn’t work for any game.

I personally experience same thing, That we should install latest graphics driver manually. We can’t take it for automatically installation. Now you need to download latest graphics driver manually then you can simply visit this article, Where you will understand proper way of update graphics driver that anyone don’t tell you.


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