No Supported DXGI Adapter Found

No Supported DXGI Adapter Found Modern warfare 2 So gamers of call of duty, I Know that you are facing another new error in Call of duty mw2. This error simply says “no supported DXGI adapter were found, please verify that your graphics card is within and minimum requirements and that your drivers are up to date. For More Upcoming future error You can Check “Creators yuga” website for upcoming call of duty errors

So I think you have understand, What is the problem behind it. You are facing this massage because of some reason-

  • Graphics driver outdated
  • Mw2 update is pending
  • Corrupt game files
No Supported DXGI Adapter Found
No Supported DXGI Adapter Found

How to fix No supported adapter ?

We have already discussed that, Why are we getting it? If our graphics driver is outdated compare to the modern warfare 2, Then also we will face DXGI adapter error. So in order to fix it we need to update graphics driver now. But many of you don’t know best method to update driver. If you will not follow my step, You can’t fix it. So make sure that you are following each step.

1. Update graphics driver

Many of the player think that, They know correct way to update driver. They just do same think that, They simply go on device manager and right click on display tab then click on install automatically. But this method is totally wrong.

No Supported DXGI Adapter Found
No Supported DXGI Adapter Found

Best ways to install latest graphics driver is manually installation. Just you have to go on your graphics card official website. Suppose If you are using AMD or NVIDIA, Then simply go on its official website. Select version of your graphics card and download it. Make sure that you are downloading correct driver. For proper guidance you can visit this post.

This is how you can fix dxgi adapter problem in mw2.

2. Mw2 Update is pending

If there is any kind of update pending in modern warfare 2, Then also you will face “No Supported DXGI Adapter Found” error in mw2. You have to check every time that, Your game is up to date. If there is any update pending in game, Then your game data would be unable to communicate with game server. This is why you are getting it.

If you are using battlenet as lanucher then click on gear icon near game name. Now you will see game update option. Click on it, This will take some time depending upon the size of update you needed. After that restart your game and launcher.

No Supported DXGI Adapter Found
No Supported DXGI Adapter Found

3. Scan and repair game files

If game file becomes corrupted then also “DXGI ADAPTER” error occur in modern warfare 2. Game file can be corrupt due to many reason like if update is pending, Files affected by malware or antivirus. So in this particular case you need to scan and repair you game first.

If you are using battlenet then simply click on gear icon and click on scan and repair game. But if you are using steam then you will see verify integrity game files instead of scan and repair. In case of steam simply go on properties/local files/verify game. This is how you can fix dxgi adapter error.

No Supported DXGI Adapter Found
No Supported DXGI Adapter Found
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