Cancellation and Refund

“Cancellation and Refund” is depending upon the type of service the have purchased. If their is refund policy then we mention on our digital product that it can me refundable. But in this website, Most of the product is digital. When user purchase an item from by website then they will get instant delivery because most of the product in my website is digital. So some times their is no time for cancellation.

When You can cancel & Refund ?

If it is mentioned in my product that you can refund it within specific time limit then you can refund it. You will get your payment back if it is already mentioned in product while you are purchasing it.

When You can’t claim for cancel & Refund ?

My most of the product is digital. Which are instant delivered to the customer after payment becomes successful. Now there is no time left for proper cancellation & refund. If customer got my digital product then he can’t claim for refund because he can save , copy, upload my digital product which is against my policy’s.

If it was physical product then he can claim for refund. But in case of digital product there is issues like copyright. So to protect it they can’t get refund.

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