The Warriors collection event launched in Apex Legends on March 29 and brought with it an unexpected story experience in the form of The Williams Sendoff. Each chapter of the story that releases brings with it a new challenge to conquer within Apex’s Firing Range, starting with the Scout of Action challenge in chapter one and continuing with the new Jackson’s Bow-Out challenge as part of chapter two’s release.

Whether you’re here to flex a challenge record to your friends, warm up before a session of battle royale, or just enjoy the developing lore surrounding Bangalore, these unique challenges evolve the capabilities of the Firing Range in a way fans should try out, even if just to try a different shot at the game.

You will need to have completed chapter one and the Scout of Action challenge to unlock Jackson’s Bow-Out. Once chapter two is available, load into the Firing Range as Bangalore and proceed to the platform with weapon racks for shotguns and care package weapons, on the left side of the Firing Range. There you should find a new weapon rack equipped with a Bocek Bow in the center of the platform, which gives you a prompt to begin the Jackson’s Bow-Out challenge when approached.

The challenge itself is pretty simple, testing your tracking abilities with a single moving target in front of you. To complete Jackson’s Bow-Out challenge, you’ll need to do 1000 damage to that target in under a minute. The target will move in progressively more sporadic and fast ways as the timer gets closer to zero, so it’s best to try and earn the majority of that damage in the first 30 seconds.

The 1000 damage threshold might be needed to complete the challenge, but you’re free to replay the challenge any time in the Firing Range after and go for a high score. Completing the challenge also nets you a Jackson’s Bow-Out tracker for all of your legends so you can show off just how precise you can be with the Bocek to any lobby you load into.

Your first completion also automatically launches a brief radio play starring Bangalore and her brother Jackson as the two reminisce on the home they can never go back to and their future in the Outlands. In chapter one, we discovered that Wraith found Jackson dead on the planet Solace, making this insight into their sibling dynamic all the more bittersweet.

One more chapter of The Williams Sendoff is set to release tomorrow, alongside a finale that will be available upon completion of that third chapter.


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