Intrepid Studios yesterday showed off some of the work it has put into its upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation, including the character creator for the game’s second alpha.

As one might expect, Twitch’s most popular MMO content creator Asmongold watched the first-look video on stream and reacted to everything that Intrepid had to show off. 

With character creation being the main point of the video, the Intrepid team went through all of the ways that you’ll be able to customize a character in Ashes in 4k resolution, from bodies to faces and more.

To show what players will be capable of, they had some preset bodies to display, and the final among the seven presets was extremely familiar to Asmongold.

The image nearly perfectly depicted Asmongold with a clean-shaven head. While Asmongold notably has long hair right now, his viewers regularly joke that he is balding, even referring to him at times as “Asmonbald” instead of “Asmongold.” So it was only right that the Intrepid crew showed that they were in on the joke by making a flawless replica of Asmon in-game with a shiny round dome.

Seeing the mirror image of himself left Asmon nearly speechless. Blushing and smiling ear-to-ear in front of his camera, all Asmon could say while looking at the glorious Asmonbald was “wow.”


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