Is-Warzone 2-different-game-to-Warzone

Is Warzone 2 a different game to Warzone? So call of duty gamers you already knew that warzone 2.0 has been released recently. Many call of duty gamers having same doubt that “Is Warzone 2 a different game to Warzone or not? Also many players asked that can we play it without buying modern warfare 2?

So gamers, In this perticular post we will understand about warzone 2.0.

Is-Warzone 2-different-game-to-Warzone
Warzone 2

Is Warzone 2 a different game to Warzone?

Defiantly warzone 2.0 is different game compare to the warzone. Initially warzone released in 2022, Which were free to play. Warzone got millions of download and it becomes the most popular game of 2020. At cod next event we got the news about new game warzone 2.0.

Now the question is how it became different from warzone. This game released with different map. Also it has DMZ mode, Which is very popular mode in call of duty history. In this map players have to do some task in new map. You will be paired with real players to do some task. Also you have to compete with Ai players and real team like yours.

All character model have been changed in warzone 2. Also one more major change is, When you die in battleroyal then you need to clear prisoner round. In this round you will have to cooperate with one more team mate. You will be paired with one player to escape prison mode. This makes two vs two fight. If you died but your teammate survived prison mode, Then also you will get respawn in battleroyal again.

Also If you died in DMZ mode. You didn’t get any revive then also there is one chance for you. If your teammate found your dead body in game, Then he can revive you any time (only in case you didn’t close match).


Do I have to purchase modern warfare 2 to play warzone 2.0 ?

Do I have to purchase modern warfare 2 to play warzone 2.0 ? This very common question every players are asking now. Warzone 2.0 is Free to play battleroyal game. Which means you don’t need to pay anything to play warzone 2.0.

Initial warzone released in 2020, Which was the sequel of modern warfare. Modern warfare was not free but still warzone were free to play. Similarly if you want to play modern warfare 2, Then you need to purchase it. But if you want to play warzone 2.0, Then you can download it separately. You don’t need to purchase modern warfare 2 to access game.

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