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How to Change “Display Name” in Steam warzone 2.0 and mw2 Finally biggest game of 2022 has been released. Warzone 2 was one of the most awaited game ever. Currently players are experiencing issue while login in game. When cod player launch there game, They got “display name” option. It says your current Display name not allowed, Please Change it.

But most frustrating thing is, When we try to change name it says you don’t have Token to change it. Here we trapped in endless loop because we need Token to Change profile name, But we can’t get Token without playing game. So this was the whole problem, Which need to be fix. Now the big question is how can we change display name in steam for warzone 2.0 and modern warfare 2.

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How to Change Display Name ?

So without wasting any time lets understand how to change user name in warzone 2.0. This is very simple process. Just you have to go on activation site, I provided the link below. Now You will see sign in page. You don’t have to sign in by putting your email address or password.

You have to simply click on steam icon.

Activation login page
change display name

Click to Generate link for visiting sign in page.

Go on Activation

Now in order to change profile name in warzone 2, You need to login with your steam account. You have to put steam account user name and password too. Make sure that you have already downloaded game with same steam account.

Connect steam account with activation
change display name

During sign in process, It may ask you to put OTP code. You will get OTP code in registered Gmail address. So just check Your Gmail and put OTP code on box for verification.

Verify your gmail account by putting otp
change display name

After that you have to click on submit button. It will land you in new page, Where you can change your Display name. In order to change your display name, You may need your registered Gmail address. So don't forget which Gmail account you have connected.

You will see Activation Id, Which is your display or profile name in call of duty warzone 2.0 & modern warfare 2. You have to simply click on Edit button near by Activation Id.

Change display name from here
change display name

As you can see in my Activation Id, It shows random profile name. Which is not acceptable for activation policy. That is why you were facing "This display name not accepted" problem while launching call of duty game. You need to simply Click on Edit button.

Now it will send you code in your registered email address. Similar as before we have done, You have to again verify yourselves by doing this.

This is how you can Change display name or profile name in call of duty warzone 2.0 and modern warfare 2.

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