Should I play call of duty on pc or console

Should I play call of duty on pc or console ? This is very common question, Everyone are looking for. Should i play call of duty on pc or in console. So in this particular article we gonna discuss about Which is the best platform to play call of duty games like warzone 2.0, Modern warfare 2 etc.

Many console players said that they can aim better in console because of controller. Here you can see major difference of controller. In the case of pc you have keyboard and mouse While console players has gamepad or controller.

Should I play call of duty on pc or console
Should I play call of duty on pc or console ?

Also console players found difficulty to play on pc, Because we need to control two different thing at a same time. We have to move and jump with keyboard and for aiming we need mouse. Some times this becomes confusing while playing game. Let’s discuss each points in detail.

Should I play call of duty on pc or console ?

Should I play call of duty on pc or console ? If you are a console player then you would have one more advantages in call of duty game. You can easily shoot an opponent. Console players use controller, Which make game easier to move and attack Simultaneously. Some player said that, In pc it becomes difficult to aim an enemy.

Call of duty game requires high skill to play. If you are a pro player in pc then if you will switch on console like Xbox, playstation then your performance will also increase. So we can say that you should play call of duty on console like xbox one, ps4, ps5 etc.

xbox controller for call of duty game
xbox controller for call of duty game

How can I kill console players while playing on pc ?

Yes, You can kill console players too while playing call of duty game in pc. Players are little bit confuse now. They are still thinking that, Should I play call of duty on console or pc? Yes you can also compete with them using pc controller.

Pc players are unable to kill an enemy because evrytime they need to move mouse curser in opponents head and then click on left button on mouse. But it takes much more longer time than the controller. So if you will use gamepad or controller while playing call of duty on pc then you will get extra kill. You can check out some controller for pc from here.

Your question was Should I play call of duty game on pc or console? So there is one simple answer. If you are a keyboard and mouse player then it is difficult to compete with console players. But If you bought controller for pc, Then you may able to kill them.

Why Do I need controller in call of duty ?, If I am pc player.

You need controller while playing call of duty in pc, Because call of duty game is cross platform. All consoles and pc players are connected with same server. Call of duty game support cross play option, Which means you are competing with different platform at the same time.

Console players having some extra advantages than pc players, Because they have all buttons in small space. Where pc players have to operate both keyboard and mouse at the same time, Which is very complicated.

I personally experienced same thing that When I play call of duty on pc, It is very difficult to aim and shoot console players. Console players moves before we aim them & They simply dominate us. Still you can compete with them without controller, But in majority cases you will lose match.

So you can check out some popular Controller, Which are easily available in market. I will personally recommend you to buy mentioned controller for pc.

Best Place To Buy Controller for Call of duty games

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