Warzone 2.0 lag fix pc 2022 | How to reduce Lag in warzone 2.0 So gamers as you know that call of duty warzone 2.0 and modern warfare 2 are most awaited and popular game of 2022. Both games are larger in size & it will be increase in future too.

Many players are asking in internet that why we are getting too much lag while playing warzone 2.0 and modern warfare 2. For More Upcoming future error You can Check “Creators yuga” website for upcoming call of duty errors

There could be many reason behind getting lag in game, But in this particular article you will get exact way to reduce lag in both warzone 2 and modern warfare 2.

Warzone 2.0 lag fix pc 2022


Warzone 2.0 lag fix pc 2022

Warzone 2.0 lag fix pc 2022 In this particular post I will tell you about my personal experience. I were getting poor performance while playing call of duty. I have 8gb of ram & 4gm of vram. Which is more than sufficient for warzone and mw2. I were playing game in Battlnet launcher & got too much lag.

I reduces my graphics settings, lowered the texture but these method doesn’t worked for me. I thought that warzone 2.0 is not optimized yet to play smooth. Because people, Who have high end pc experiencing same problem.

Then I searched on internet that, How to reduce lag in call of duty warzone 2.0 in 2022. Then I got some videos on youtube, In which they suggested to do some settings on pc. But again these videos on youtube were useless. Now finally I am going to share you new ways to reduce lag in warzone.

Note this is my personal experience, You will not get this in internet anywhere.


How to reduce Lag in warzone 2.0 ?

How to reduce Lag in warzone 2.0 Now finally I am going to share you, How I reduces lag in my game. So as I already told you that, I were using battlenet to play warzone 2. But Suddenly I think that game launcher could be one of the reason behind lag.

Finally I got the idea that, I should try Steam launcher now. Because warzone 2.0 is Free to play, So we can download it any number of time. So I just start downloading warzone 2.0 in steam.

Now I launched game in steam and result was shocking. I finally solved lagging problem in call of duty warzone by simply changing its launcher from battlent to the steam.

I don’t know why launcher affects lag problem in game. May be There could be problem related to battlenet server. So I just switched to the steam and it gets automatically fixed. I shared my personal experience, Which you will not find in internet anywhere.

This is how you can fix warzone 2.0 lag in 2022.


You are getting lag in warzone 2.0 or modern warfare 2, Because of Battlenet launcher. Battlenet launcher performance was poor compare to the steam. In order to reduce lag, You should defiantly try steam instead of Battlenet launcher.

If you are still getting lag, Then try to lower some settings like resolution, texture etc.

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