Dev error 11557

How to fix Dev error 11557 in warzone 2.0 So gamers, If you are a call of duty player then definitely you faced dev error in game. Dev error is one of the most irritating error in Cod history. You already knew that warzone 2.0 is one of the most popular game of 2022. But It came with too many bugs and errors, Which need to be fix.

You are here because of Dev error 11557 in warzone. So in this particular post I will share with you some popular method, Which already worked for many players. First of all we should understand the reason behind warzone dev error 11557.

Dev error 11557
Dev error 11557

Dev error 11557 In warzone 2.0

Generally if your game file have been corrupted, Then also you will face dev error. But now the question is why it becomes corrupted. So there could be following reason, Why warzone got corrupted?

  • Update pending
  • Too Much pause during installation
  • Anti virus, threat protection
  • Previous cache files

Some time our windows defender, threat protection, firewall or antivirus blocks some game files. Due to which warzone got corrupted. This is why you are getting error code 11557 in call of duty game. Now the question is how can we fix it? For More Upcoming future error You can Check “Creators yuga” website for upcoming call of duty errors

How to fix Dev error 11557 ?

How to fix Dev error 11557 ? Some cod players said that you can fix this issue by doing some small changes in Voice channel option. You have to open game and search “voice channel” then hit the enter button Or you can find it manually.

You have to Change it to the Party Only, or if you’re already in Party Only, switch to All Lobby. This is how you can solve error code 11557 in warzone. But if you are still getting it then you should reinstall game.

11557 dev error

1. Reinstall game

Many player found this step helpful. I know that reinstalling whole game could be difficult for some player, But it is essential to fix 11557 dev error in cod. You have to remember some thing, While reinstalling your game.

  • After reinstalling clear cache your memory
  • Install game in New folder
  • Don’t pause your game while installing
  • Stop firewall scanning in call of duty warzone 2.0 directory

After you cleaned cache files, Your next step is to reinstall warzone 2.0 in new folder. This is very necessary to fix issue. Just make new folder and install warzone in that folder. Now once your downloading process started, You don’t have to pause it at middle of installation.

Game installation should be in flow, It should not interrupt Otherwise 11557 dev error will again popup.

2. Stop firewall to scan game files

allow an app through firewall
allow an app through firewall

Warzone got corrupted because windows firewall, defender or antivirus delete some essential game files. Such files got missed from system and dev error appears on user’s screen. So in order to avoid this issue you need to allow your game application in firewall.

click on change setting
click on change setting

You have to allow your game exe launcher, Steam, battlenet etc. If you don’t found it in list then you can add another app to stop scanning. Just click on allow another app and add those files which are related to call of duty warzone 2.0, Which could be steam or battlenet too.

allow call of duty
allow call of duty

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