WWE 2K22 custom arenas not Showing As you know that wwe 2k22 has been released. Wwe 2k22 has very cool features that you can download custom superstars & arenas. Which is very interesting features.

Many of you are facing one common problem that you are downloading custom arenas, but when you are near to about start the game then you noticed that there is no downloaded arenas. In other words you will found custom arena empty. Follow this:

  • first of all go and download arena which you want
  • after downloading go back to mein menu
  • Now you have to assign your arena with shows

Which means you have to attatch your arena with custom shows

  • Now in download section, go on shows
  • Download shows which you want.
  • Go on new show and download any show
  • In my case i am downloading Raw and wcw shows for custom arena

Basically you have to connect you custom arena with custom shows. So now you will understand that how to connect custom arena with custom shows. After do all of this custom arena not found issue will be fix properly.

  • Now you have been downloaded shows which you want.
  • Now go on new shows and type your show name and details.
  • Here you will see many options like show logo, banner, videos.
  • You have to select them which depends upon show name.
  • Now go on arena
  • Now here you will see arena which you recentlly downloaded.
  • select your arena
  • fill up all details related to the custom arena

After saving it you will able to see custom arena, which you downloaded in selection of arena tab (custom arena tab)


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