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How to fix Warzone Whitelist Failure Error This is very common error which everyone are facing in recent days. This is an error which comes in call of duty warzone game. Some time it becomes so frustrating. There could be many reason behind warzone failure error.

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This appears like unknown random error. So we have to use some random method by which we can fix WARZONE Whitelist Failure Error. So you have to read full article in order to understand how to fix whitelist failure error in warzone.

  • Delete corrupt files of game

By deleting corrupt game files of game you can solve WARZONE Whitelist Failure Error. Some times during warzone is updating it corrupted itself. So in order to fix it properly you need to delete some files of warzone. If you are unable to understand that how to fix warzone whitelist failure error by deleting corrupt files then you need to watch my video which i am sharing with you.

  • Restart your game several times

I know it looks like i am kidding with you, but it is true that you can fix warzone whitelist failure error by restarting your game several times. It works for many people who are doing it again and again.

Basically many people are using random tricks and some of them fixed it properly by using simple tricks. You should try it for sure until official fix comes out.

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Try other methods

  1. Delete latest update files of game
  • Close warzone game completely.
  • You have to delete last update file of call of duty warzone.
  • Go to the download section and delete all files.
  • After that shutdown or reboot your system.
  • Now you have to again launch system.
  • After rebooting game will require an update.
  • You have to update your game and it will fix your problem

2. Disable crossplay in game

If it is still showing fix warzone whitelist failure error  then we have to look for another method. In this method you have to do following settings-

  • Go on call of duty warzone main menu.
  • Now go setting tab.
  • Now look for crossplay option.
  • Just disable it.
  • you have to disable it because crossplay or cross platform means, you will pair with different console.
  • Crossplay could be the reason behind warzone error code 4
  • It should be disabled.

3. Redownload whole game again

By reinstalling the game you can fix WARZONE Whitelist Failure. But here you have to consider following things for proper fix of error code 4.

  • Delete all game file.
  • Don’t worry you will not lose anything related to your profile.
  • Just redownload it.
  • Here you have to be careful. If you want wo fix warzone dev error 6039 in ps4 then you need to install it in same place, where your game were previously installed.
  • Now your game will start downloading and it will come with new updates.


Delete hidden file of warzone in regedit.

If Warzone Whitelist Failure Error still showing on your screen then we need to delete some hidden files of call of duty warzone. So for that you need to use regedit by which you can fix “Whitelist Failure Error” in call of duty warzone


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