Call of duty warzone Run in safemode is a very common error which comes in call of duty warzone. Now finally we have a fix for you. With the help of this video you will be able to fix Run in safemode very easily.


So first of all we should know about how can we warzone Run in safemode

Reason behind warzone Run in safemode fix

People are facing this error because of recent update of game. Due to such update game becomes unable to play. We can fix it easily, but we don’t have official method to fix it. You have to use some random method until game developer warzone Run in safemode

How to fix warzone Run in safemode in ps4 & ps5

Warzone error code torch can be fix by doing some steps. These steps works for many people who were suffering from error code torch. Here are following fixes are-

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  • If you want to warzone Run in safemode then you need to close your game completely. After that you have to open it again. If your error still pop’s up then again close it and open it again. You have to do these steps 3 to 4 times. Now warzone torch error can be fix.
  • Disable crossplay option in game. If you want to fix warzone error code torch, you need to disable it for sure. Crossplay means connection with different platform. If you are ps4 player then you will be paired with different platform like pc, ps5 and xbox. These happens when you enable it. So always disable it.
  • Change wire connection to wireless and if you are using wireless connection then connect wire to your router in order to fix


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