Warzone dev error 5573 SOLVED many of the user are facing this problem. This is very frustrating problem player ever seen. Warzone dev error 5573 is such a problem where game not starting on loading screen.

To solve this problem properly you need to read full artical on call of duty warzone. It need to fix properly.

Method 1 –

First of all you have to close your game as well as battlent. Then go to the document folder and delete “modern warfare” folder. Then relaunch your game. Now Warzone dev error 5573 should be fix. This will turn of dev error 5573 in call of duty warzone.


Method 2 –

If first method wouldn’t worked then you need to run your game in safe mode. Then you need to set some settings. After that you can fix dev error 5573 in call of duty.

  • Run game in safe mode
  • Open Options
  • Select Graphics section
  • Set Display mode to Fullscreen
  • Set Render Resolution to 100
  • Go on Advanced Tab
  • Select Native Resolution of Monitor
  • Aspect Ration Should be in Automatic
  • Click on Apply Settings

Method 3 –

  • Click on Warzone
  • Then press the options button
  • You will found button below the name of the game
  • Then press scan and repair.

Method 4 –

Now if scan & repair option didn’t worked then you have to scan & repair it forcefully. For that you have to make your game corrupted first & then you have to repair it. This kind of action fixes some issues. This method already worked for many people. So you have to follow each steps by which you can fix out dev error 5573 in call of duty warzone.

  • Go on call of duty warzone installation directory
  • You have to visit that folder
  • You will see data folder, open it
  • Again you may see data folder, open it
  • Now you have to delete random files about ( 3 to 4 gb )
  • This will make your game corrupted.
  • Now its time for repair it
  • So you have to open battlenet
  • Now You have to scan & repair game file as i already mentioned in Method 3

Method 5-

Now if you are still wanting warzone dev error 5573 Then you need to clear some caches file which is interrupting your game to launch. So follow these steps-

  • Close Call of duty warzone & client Completely
  • Type on system search “RUN”. Then hit the enter button
  • Type %programdata% in the run and hit Enter
  • Look For Blizzard Entertainment folder
  • Then Go to and open the Cache.
  • You have to delete all cache file
  • Then Restart your pc

Now warzone dev error 5573 will turn off. If you are still having same problem then don’t worried. We have another fixes. Try another method.

Method 6-

If you are still having safe mode error which means your graphics driver is outdated. So now you need to update it. So follow below step to update your graphics driver.

  1. Go on Device manager
  2. You can go in device manager directly by searching “device manager” in system search tab.
  3. Now You will see list of different drivers
  • Now Right click on Display adapter
  • Click on Scan for hardware changes
  • Then click on search automatically for driver.
  • It will update your driver to the latest one

Method 7-

If you updated your graphics driver to the latest one but still facing dev error 5573. Then there is problem in your windows. As you know that call of duty modern warfare updated every month. But this is possible that our windows has been outdated now. So we need to update windows in order to Turn off safe mode error.

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