So hello gamers in this post i am going to show you How to Fix CoD Vanguard’s Error Code Duhok-Rilea. Call of duty vanguard has recently released. It will one of popular game ever.

So basically people are facing Unable to access online service problem with error massage of ” Duhok-Rilea “.So this is online issue. It can be resolve easily by doing some steps. But before that you should know why are you facing it.


There could be many reason behind this error. First one is network issue of wifi router. And another one is server issue of game. So i am going to give you some procedure step by step. By which you can fix it very quickly.

HOW TO FIX Duhok-Rilea Error ?

  • Turn off power of your console (ps4,xbox,pc)

No matter whatever console you are using. Just press power button for console. You have to wait atleast 30 sec. After that you have to plug it in.

If you are a pc user then you have to restart you computer. These method will work properly.

  • connect your ethernet cable with console directly with wifi

If your internet connection is not proper then you can see such problem. So make sure that your internet connection is good. For better performance you can connect your system directly with ethernet cable. It will provide you optimum speed.

  • use regedit to clean up cache files

You have to open system search and type on it “registry editor”. You have to open it and follow me.

you have to press CTRL + F and it will open search window. Now you have to search VANGUARD.

Now you have to simply delete all items.

After that you have to open battlenet launcher. And you have to go on setting. Click on scan and repair your game. It will take some time. After that it should be fix properly.

  • reset your activation account

Just make new account of activation or click on forget password. It will fix your problem

  • verify game files (procedure is same as warzone game )

You will see such problem when you try to load up your game. And at the same time your game has been corrupted. You will face such issue when your some game files are missing. Due to this you are not able to enter in game.

So for that what do you have to do, You have to go on game directory. Here you will se many files.

You have to delete random files except above folders.

Now you have to open battlent. And you have to go on setting tab.

You will see scan and repair option. So you have to go with that option. It will repair your game files. And files that have been corrupted will repair. It should fix your problem.

Basically what do you have to do is, You have to turn of HDR game mode. And you have to switch on 1080P in game resolution. This will fix your error.

  • First of all you have to press xbox button. Now you have to go on profile and system tab.

    Now you have to select system.

    NOW click on console info. You will get above option. Now click on RESET CONSOLE. it will reset your console.

    This should solve your issues. If you are still facing same thing then move forward.

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