So finally gamers we have a solution for Offline mode could not establish connection GTA. So first of all we should know why are we facing such issue. Here are one image which shows that how error look like.


As we know that gta 5 is most popular game ever. Game developer release its update in day by day basis. Due to this problem arises with game. Some times game files may corrupted. But dont worry about that we have a solution.

Just follow my each steps carefully


  1. So first of all you have to disconnect your internet router for 30 to 40 sec

Some times our wifi router can be a reason behind this error. So we have to fix it. In order to fix such problem we need to disconnect wifi router for 30 to 40 sec. This will reset our network & it can solve problem.

Many of users reported that by doing all of this things, They solved problem.

2. connect with any proxy or vpn software

With the help of vpn software you can easily fix Offline mode could not establish connection. So first of all you have to download any vpn software. Here in my case i am going to use VPN Gate Client. You can download it by download button.

Warning: Don’t close this post without taking full knowledge. Otherwise it will not work

  • So once you downloaded it. You have to open it.
  • After that you have to follow below images and instructions.
  • Now you have to go on vpn public relay option (second option)
  • Here you will see many options like country, server uptimes
  • Now click on Region and select such country which is near by your location
  • From uptime you have to select such server which have least value of uptime
  • You don’t have to select uptime too high like 4 days.
  • select uptimes under 5 hours. That would be best for you
  • Since my location is india. So i am going to select Thailand. Because it is in asia and near by my region.
  • According to your location you have to select country.
  • Don’t forget to select least value of uptime

As you can see we have been connected. Now you have to open your game. It will start now without error

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