Prison Break Error Fix

Prison Break Error Fix Modern warfare 2 Many of the call of duty modern warfare 2 players are experiencing Prison Break Error while opening game, But currently no one has single idea about how can we fix it?

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Cod mw2 contains lots of bugs and errors, Which is very frustrating for us. First of all you must understand that why are you facing Prison Break Error in call of duty mw2? After that we will look forward for real fix.

Prison Break Error Fix
Prison Break Error

What is Prison Break Error ?

Prison Break Error is common error same as “logging into demonware error in mw2“. In previous article we have already discussed about demonware in modern warfare 2. There could be many reason behind this issue. We have some of the common reason, Due to which prison break error can pops up on players screen. Following reasons are:

  • Corrupt game files
  • Network issue from official game server
  • Network issue from players side
  • Server issues in specific region
  • Problem related to the activation account

Now we will fix it by applying each and every steps. You don’t have to miss anything, Because this error can pops up due to several reasons. So no one can claim that they can fix Prison Break Error in mw2 by applying single steps.

How to fix Prison Break issue in modern warfare 2 ?

How to fix Prison Break issue in modern warfare 2 ? Now in order to fix it we must understand reason behind it. As we already discussed many point about it, Why prison break issue can appears on players screen?

Firstly we talked about corrupt game file can cause prison bug in mw2. So we have to repair it first.


1. Repair your game files

If you are using battlenet or steam, In both case you need to repair your first. So it is very simple to scan and repair it. Just right click on game icon and then go to the properties and after that click on local files.

Now you will see verify integrity of game files. You have to click on it and wait until it finished.

Prison Break Error Fix
Prison Break Error Fix

2. Network issue from official game server

Some times game server is officially down. In such case you need to identify that you are facing Prison Break Error because of game server is officially down or not? You can simply check out server is officially active or inactive.

If you found server is offline, Then you can only wait until it officially get fixed. But if you found server is online then it means there is problem with your network connection. So you have to check it first.

Prison Break Error Fix
Prison Break Error Fix

Just go on activation site from here, And check server is currently online or offline?

3. Server issues in specific region

If you are still having prison break error in modern warfare 2 then you need to change your region or country location. Some times our ip address is blocked in specific area, Due to which we are unable to communicate with game server.

In such case we can do two things:

  • Use vpn software
  • Change location from launcher

In order to fix modern warfare 2 prison break error you need to change your ip address, Which is only possible with vpn software. So first of all download any best vpn software and after that connect through it.

Or you can also try to change region inside game launcher. You already knew that in battlenet launcher you can change your region like asia, europe, usa etc. This would help you to fix out prison break issue in mw2.

4. Activation account problem

If you are still facing mw2 prison break error then it is possible that, You are facing it because of problem related to activation account. Just you have to click here and after that you will redirected to the following page. Now You have to connect your console account to the activation account.

It will ask you to sign in or create new account. But you don’t have to create new account. Just click icon which you are using.

Prison Break Error Fix
Prison Break Error Fix

If you are a playstaion or xbox player then click on respective icon displaying on an image. If you are a pc user then click on battlenet or steam whatever launcher you are using. Now sign in through it. This would connect activation account to the console account.

So this is how you can fix Prison Break Error in modern warfare 2.

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