So gamers if you have low end device. No matter what do you have pc or mobile. You can play high end games on your low end device. Today technology has became advanced. Now a day you don’t need to have high end pc. Finally you came into right place where you will understand that, how to play high end games on low end device.


Now a day in gaming industry new thing comes out called “cloud gaming”. If you don’t know about cloud gaming then i am gonna tell you. With the help of cloud gaming system you can play high end games from low end device. Your low end device can be pc or mobile.

Basically you can play games in pc, mobile as well as tablet. This is how you can play high end games on low end device. So read full article to know it properly.


There are many benefits of cloud gaming but here i am goin to show you some points that i actually like about cloud gaming.

  • Easy to use
  • Play games from different device
  • Don’t need to purchase game
  • It doesn’t required high end device ( even suitable for 1gb ram device )
  • You can explore other games too
  • Don’t need any storage in device


As you know everything has own advantages and disadvantages. So before i tell you that how to play high end games on low end device. You should know about its limitations. But don’t worry about it. If you are low end gamer then you have to compromise at some points.

If you have to play high end games on low end device then at least you should have calmness. So now we gonna know about its limitations or restrictions.

  • Some times you have to wait in queue
  • For Some extra features you have to pay, Otherwise it is Free
  • At least you should have good internet speed.
  • Some game has a very long queue.

Now you don’t need to worry about all of this things. Just take your device and do it. So lets start.



  1. So first of all you have to download “chikki cloud gaming from download button. (warning: don’t leave this page without understand everything)

2. Now you have two option

  • play it on pc
  • play it on mobile

If you want to play it on pc or laptop then you need any emulator to play it on pc. If you wanna play it on mobile then simply download and install your apk on mobile.

But if you are pc user then open any android emulator and go on chrome inside emulator.

You have to open chrome and open my website and download above apk file

Basically by visiting my website through emulator you can get download button too. Just find this article and click on download button. After that it will download inside your emulator. Now you can install it easily.

3. Now if you are pc user or mobile user then you have cloud gaming app. Now launch it and allow permissions.

Now you need to sing in. You can sign it from both gmail and facebook account.

Now your window will look like this.

From here you have to select game which you have to play. Now each step will common for both pc and android users. Here i am going to click on GTA5.

Just click on play and you will see this massage “network detection”. Here it will show you how much ping you are getting. So make sure sure that your internet connection is good.

in order to get best possible speed on pc or laptop just plug in your ethernet cable directly with wifi router.

Now here you will see your queue number. In my case queue number is 44 which means i have to wait for some time. After 1 min my time queue has over.

Now we have Enter option. Just click on entre. Your game will start

here are some images

As you can see i am running it through emulator in pc. Same thing that can you do for your mobile too.

Now you have to set functioning key by which you will control your game. You have to set each key for separate function like Jump, attack, shift, start button, joystick etc.

If you are running it on mobile then you dont need to set key. You can dircetly control your game through tapping and touching on screen.

If you don’t know about how to setup keyfunctioning then tell me in comment or in youtube. I will explain it too.

Now you can setup your conrtoller. You can play with gamepad layout or keyboard layout.

You can see in taskmanager. System working memory is too low. Which means we are able to play it on potato device which can be either mobile or low end laptop.



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