So hello gamers finally we have solution for how to fix “gta5 unable to launch error“. So you have to read full article carefully in order to fix your problem. This is very common problem. Some people are facing this problem due to recent updates.

In some case it felt like it is Bug. We have simple solution for this.

Note: Read full article otherwise it will not work

How to Fix it ?

  • First of all you have to close gta game, rockstar launcher and steam from task manager.

You have to close your game completely. Rockstar launcher as well as steam should be closed properly. Because it can interrupt our fixes. So make sure that all of these things is closed properly.

  • Now you have to go on game directory.

In order to fix your problem you have to go on game directory. So for that you can go manually through steam folder. It would depend upon your game directory or you can go with this shortcut. Just right click on rockstar icon and click on open file location.

  • For that just right click on rockstar launcher and go with open file location.
  • You will reach on game directory.
  • Here you will see many rockstar icon.
  • You have to right click on each of them and go on properties.
  • In compatibility tab you have to check box “Run as an administrator” as shown in image.
  • Hit the apply button and close it.
  • You have to do same things with every rockstar icon, gta5.exe and steam.
  • Now you have to open game through steam.

Note- don’t open game through launcher or exe because it will show some other error. So just open your game from steam.

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