Hello gamers i am gonna teach you how can you fix Far Cry 6 Maine 15f Error Code/maine 158 For PC/PS4/XBOX CONSOLE. so many of you are facing these problem in pc, ps4 and xbox console as well. I am going to give you some tips by which you can fix your farcry 6 error in order to play game, so lets start

so first of all you should know about why are you facing such problem so main reason behind it is some kind of online disturbance in server. It can be due to ubsoft server as well as your privet internet connection. so basically you have to follow each step carefully.


If you dont know about why you are facing error then you should try random tricks. This method works properly for most of the people. It is looking like funny but it actually for majority. Farcry 6 is available in online and offline both. It is most popular game ever so many of user are exited to play game as soon as possible they can. Due to this reason, it is possible to have online server issues while trying to launch your game online.

i hope this method works for you. if it is still not working then look for second step

step 2 – verify game file

so first of all you have to open Epic game launcher then you have to go on game library then click on “farcry 6” and after that you have to select settings option then click on verify your game it will verify your game if there is any file corrupterd. It will repair your game and you will be able to play it without any problem.

If you are still facing same probelm then try my last tip

step 3- Forcefully verify your game

so this is your last step i hope it will work properly. so i am going to explain you with the help of individual steps

first of all you have to go on farcry 6 installation directory and then you have to delete random files

now you have to open ubsoft and repair you game like before (as shown in step 2 )

this is called force fully reparing. Basically what will happen it will recover you deleted file by updating and repairing. Then it will automatically fix your problem

so lets enjoy your game and if you have any doubt related to it then you can visit my youtube gaming channel


so you can subscribe my youtube gaming channel…………….OK ENJOY YOUR GAME…………………………………………………………………………………..

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