So hello gamers we have good news for all games. God of war is coming on pc in 14 jan 2022. So finally we have its system requirement detail by which you can get best gaming experience.

Since sony has announced about game fans have been very exited and cant wait to know about its system requirements. But before i tell you about its system requirement you can watch its trailer.

Here are minimum system requirements

If you talk about it graphics requirement then atleast you should have 4gb capactity of graphics card .There is a littlebit chance that it will compatibale with 2gb vram graphics too but it is very hard to understand about it because in playstation it takes a lot of memory and hence game is going port on pc so it will take lots of memory.

so if you have old system or graphics then you need to upgrade it.

Now we gonna talk about how much space it will take to install game so there is no official data yet but you can consider it around 80Gb of disk space. so you can say that why game size is so large because it is a game of playstation and it is AAA title too so we can say that it will take large space

Lets talk abou how much ram it will need to run game properly. So atleast you should have 8gb of ram. If we want to play it in 4gb ram then it will be very difficult to play. But nothing is immposible to do.

if we talk about processor then we are not sure which kind of processor would be best one. So we will understand how much maximum system requirement it will take.

Here are maximum system requirements

If you talk about its graphics requirement then it will be good for you that you have 8gb of vram. But it is neccesary for best smooth performance of game. It will not ask more than 8gb for vram (dedicated memory) to run game. So if you have 8gb of graphics card then you are in safe side

Now lets talk about how much ram would be the best. So according to my research if you have more than 8gb of ram ( lets say 16gb or 32gb ) then you are in safe side but If we want to play it in 4gb ram then it will be very difficult to play

If you want to know about how much disk space it will take. Then i suggest you to clean up to 100 gb of disk space. Game will take 80 gb approx to install and littlebit memory should be free to perform your game smoothly.

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