So finally we know that how to fix far cry 6 black screen after update. Far cry 6 black screen occur on launch of game on pc /xbox and ps4 too. Farcy 6 is most popular game ever we have seen. It is high end game and it updates day by day.

Generally when developers of game releases its update then you may face such issue. So in this post will find the exact solution for far cry 6 black screen.

So step is very simple. Just what do you have to do, You have to follow each step carefully.


So basically what happens when game releases its updates or patch notes then some of files becomes corrupted. Many of files mesh up each other. Due to this it becomes damaged. So don’t worry about it. You don’t have to reinstall your game. Basically this is last option.

We can try to fix this before reinstalling game. You have to follow each step very carefully.

  • You have to open your launcher ( i.e. Ubsoft connect or Epic games store )
  • Now select farcry 6 and go to the properties.
  • Here you will se scan and repair option (verify files)
  • You have to click on scan and repair your game.

Now It should work properly. If it is still not working then look for next step.


Some times you are facing this problem while running game in full screen. So if you have to resolve it then you need to switch your window from full screen to windowed.

But there is some problem. Basically you change all settings from games main menu. But you are not able to reach upto main menu. So question arises that how you can change it to windowed mode.

Finally we have some computer keys by which you can switch on windowed mode without entering on game.

  • First of all open your game.
  • While loading JUST PRESS “ALT + TAB”
  • It will switch on windows from full screen and again go back into full screen.
  • This is random trick that you can implement.


So some times you are not able to get into game because of old gpu driver. So you need to upgrade it time to time. Because farcry 6 is high end games and it comes with many updates. So your graphics driver should be updated too.

In order to update it you need to follow some steps-

  • Go on system search and type on it “Device manager”.
  • Right click on display tab and go to the “properties”
  • Now from here you can update it.


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