So hello gamers finally we have a solution for Warzone error code 47 on PS5 & Xbox Series. This is very common problem which everyone are facing. But don’t worry about that you are in right place.

Note- Read full article otherwise it will not work

So you will get solution for console but if you are facing it in pc then you will get too. Now you have to follow each step carefully

How to fix Warzone error code 47 on PS5 & Xbox Series

  • First of all you have to turn off your console completely.
  • For that you have to press power button.
  • Now your system will be off.
  • Now you have to hold again power button until you hear beeping sound.
  • Once you hear beeping sound release it.
  • Now you have to connect controller through usb.
  • Now you have to select Rebuild Database with your controller.
  • Note at this time you system should be in safe mode.
  • Once you select rebuild database, it will scan your game files.
  • It can take some time to complete.
  • If it is still not working then go on System Storage>Saved Data >Warzone.
  • Here you have to delete all warzone save data files which is stored.
  • Now launch game it should be fixed.

How to fix Warzone error code 47 on PC

So you can apply above mentioned method for pc too. Because you can turn off pc and disconnect wifi router for 30 sec. This was primary step which you should consider while trying to fix problem.

But most commonly if it will not work then look forward for following steps-

  • verify game files (procedure is same as warzone game )

You will see such problem when you try to load up your game. And at the same time your game has been corrupted. You will face such issue when your some game files are missing. Due to this you are not able to enter in game.

So for that what do you have to do, You have to go on game directory. Here you will se many files.

You have to delete random files except above folders.

Now you have to open battlent. And you have to go on setting tab.

You will see scan and repair option. So you have to go with that option. It will repair your game files. And files that have been corrupted will repair. It should fix your problem.

  • reset your activation account

Just make new account of activation or click on forget password. It will fix your problem

  • use regedit to clean up cache files

You have to open system search and type on it “registry editor”. You have to open it and follow me.

you have to press CTRL + F and it will open search window. Now you have to search warzone.

Now you have to simply delete all items.

After that you have to open battlenet launcher. And you have to go on setting. Click on scan and repair your game. It will take some time. After that it should be fix properly.

  • Update your gpu to the latest one.
  • Now you have to open device manager and look for display tab.

you have to right click on it. And now you have to go with properties.

From driver tab you can simply update you graphics driver. If you are still facing same problem then watch related attached videos. That will help you a Lot

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