Error Code 0xc0000005(0)

How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000005(0) in Modern Warfare 2. So finally gamers modern warfare 2 is out for pc and xbox users too. It is currently under beta version. Due to this it contains lots of bugs and errors. Some players are facing error code 0xc0000005(0) in cod mw2, While other are suffering from a game crashing problems.

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Error Code 0xc0000005(0)
Error Code 0xc0000005(0)

What is Error code 0xc0000005(0) ?

0xc0000005(0) is a critical error found in game, While launching. Currently know one exactly knows the reason behind it. But there is some common reason, Due to which it appears on players screen. If your game files are unable to communicate with game server then such error code pops up.

This is because your game files have been corrupted. You need to fix it. It is not an only reason, But we can try our best. I am going to mention some popular method, Which actually people found helpful.

How to fix error code ?

In order to fix error code 0xc0000005(0) you need to know why there is connection problem with game server. We got some reason why it is happening with people. So we gonna fix it by doing some simple steps.

1. Repair your game files

So by scan and repair your game, You can fix this problem. This is because some times our game files becomes corrupted due to many reasons.

  • Anti virus
  • Windows firewall & defender
  • Virus
  • Improper update

This was the some common reason, Due to which game files becomes corrupted. So in order to repair it, Just you have to open game launcher then look for scan and repair option.

Error Code 0xc0000005(0)
Error Code 0xc0000005(0)

2. Change your network

If you are still having modern warfare 2 0xc0000005(0) error then you should change your network. For an example if you are using wifi, Then try to connect with an other network like mobile hotspot.

Similarly if you are using mobile network then try to connect with wifi or other network.

3. Connect with another Ip address

Now if cod mw2 beta is still popping error code then you need to connect with another ip address. Some times our ip address is restricted in game server. This is very unknown problem. Now in order to connect with different ip address you need best vpn software for pc.

Just connect with any other region and try to launch game.

4. Delete Document folder

Error code 0xc0000005(0) Now last step is delete your call of duty modern warfare 2 document folder. Just go on documents folder in pc then delete call of duty folder. Document folder consist the players file, Which includes the sign in information of player. Some times there could be a glitch. So in order to fix that, Just delete these folder.

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