CODNext event | Modern warfare 2 And Warzone 2

CODNext event: Modern warfare 2 And Warzone 2 Many call of duty players were waiting for 15 September. This date is very important for cod gamers. There is many question in mind of players that, When modern warfare 2 and warzone 2 will release.

Also most awaited topic is, What about warzone mobile? So you will get each & every details here. You can watch live codnext event from this artical too.

CODNext event

Codnext is an event in which you will get some good news about upcoming call of duty games. Cod next is live streaming event which is hosted by activation and infinity. Call of Duty Next has been announced for September 15th. This event will give us information related to release date of warzone 2 & modern warfare 2.

Also we will get the details about the warzone mobile. It is also called “project aurora“. So see what happened in live event.

CODNext event
CODNext event

Release Date of Modern warfare II & warzone 2

CODnext Event is going to be live, Which you shouldn’t miss. In this event activation & infinity will reveal release date of call of duty warzone 2 and modern warfare 2. As we already know that call of duty modern warfare 2 will release on 28 October 2022. But still be should know that when warzone 2 is going to be release.

Warzone 2 is hot topic today. Because no can can expect its release date. So in CODnext showcase event you will get exact data related to warzone 2. Modern warfare 2 is set to be release on 28 October 2022, But you can get early access of game. So you don’t have to wait for final release. You can get early access now.

Modern warfare II & Warzone Gameplay Reveal

CODnext Event showcase will hosting on 15 September. You should not miss it. You can watch cod next event showcase from this particular article. In this event we will know the gaming concept of new call of duty. There will be first look of modern warfare 2 and warzone 2.

All call of duty players are waiting for first look of Gameplay.

What About Warzone Mobile ?

CODnext Event showcase in September 15 is also most awaited events for mobile gamers. After apex legend, Pubg battleground, fortnite, call of duty mobile Player are waiting for warzone mobile from a long time. Warzone mobile also known as “project aurora”. Warzone II release date is going to announce on 15 September in cod next main event.

Player are expecting that warzone mobile will be duplication of original warzone game. Its gameplay will be smooth like warzone.

Where Can We Watch CODnext Showcase ?

You can watch call of duty next showcase event directly from my website. This will be huge announcement for upcoming future games of call of duty series. You will get many information related to game here.

What Will Announce in CODnext Event ?

CODnext Event is going to hosted by activation and infinity. There will be some major announcement related to the upcoming call of duty games. What is most awaited announcement in 15 September-

  • Reveal the gameplay of modern warfare II
  • Release date announcement of warzone II
  • Modern warfare 2 & warzone 2 special features
  • Reveal New call of duty Mobile game ( Warzone Mobile )
  • Some surprise element, Which anyone can’t expect


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