Call of duty warzone keeps crashing pc

Call of duty warzone keeps crashing pc Many warzone players are facing game crashing problem on startup. This is very frustrating that, When player launch the game it crashes at startup. So now the question is how can we fix call of duty warzone keeps crashing on pc problem.

Why is my warzone crashing ?

This is the most common question that, “why is my warzone crashing?” There could be many reason behind it. But one of the popular reason could be, Your game files has been corrupted. But this not only one reason behind it.

Some time players faces this issues when New game update launch. Update carry lots of bugs & error. Even most of the time, When warzone got updated then player having such trouble like warzone crashing, Dev error, Safe mode error etc.

Call of duty warzone keeps crashing pc
Call of duty warzone keeps crashing pc

#1 Warzone keeps crashing pc Fix

In order to stop crashing first thing which you have to scan & repair game. This is very basic method to fix “Call of duty warzone keeps crashing pc“. Due to corrupted data of game file, You faces game crashes at startup issues. This method is very simple to use. Just follow some steps to solve Warzone keeps crashing in pc.

  • Click on call of duty warzone
  • Then press the options button
  • You will found button below the name of the game
  • Then press scan and repair.

Watch this video for scan & repair method

#2 Scan & repair proper method

If You really want to stop warzone crashes at launch then you need to see this video. In this video i mentioned all steps properly. You have to follow each things from this video. By which you will get proper solution.

Forceful Scan & Repair

Now if scan & repair option didn’t worked then you have to scan & repair it forcefully. For that you have to make your call of duty warzone corrupted then first & then you have to repair it. This kind of action fixes some issues. This method already worked for many people. So you have to follow each steps by which you can fix out Warzone crashing on launch in game.

  • Go on game installation directory
  • You have to visit that folder
  • You will see data folder, open it
  • Again you may see data folder, open it
  • Now you have to delete random files about ( 3 to 4 gb )
  • This will make your game corrupted.
  • Now its time for repair it
  • So you have to open battlenet
  • Now You have to scan & repair game file as i already mentioned in Method 3

Delete some hidden files

if you are still facing warzone keeps crashing pc then you need to delete some hidden files, which may disturbed your game while launching. Warzone crashing on launch have to many reason. We don’t know exactly any one method by which it can resolve. But i mentioned many popular steps by which player have been able to fix crashing of warzone at launching of game. Lets follow some steps.

  • Close Call of duty warzone & client Completely
  • Type on system search “RUN”. Then hit the enter button
  • Type %programdata% in the run and hit Enter
  • Look For Blizzard Entertainment folder
  • Then Go to and open the Cache.
  • You have to delete all cache file
  • Then Restart your pc

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