CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE DEV ERROR 5476 FIX many of the peoples are facing same problem in their different platform like pc, ps4, ps5 and xbox. No one had one exact solution how to fix it properly. Now in this post i am going to show you how can we fix fatal dev error 5476 massage in call of duty warzone.

In order to fix Dev error 5476 you need to follow my steps

How to fix call of duty fatal dev error 5476

First of all you need to connect your activation account to the your device. Suppose you are using playstation then you need to connect activation account to the playstation account. You have to do same things with other console in order to fix fatal dev error 5476 in cod warzone

So if you are a pc user then you can connect your activation account with the battlenet account. This is how you can easily fix fatal dev error 5476 in cod warzone.

Similarly if you are using xbox as console then you need to connect xbox live account to the activation account. This method should work properly.

Click on below to connect account with activation

Connect account

If it is still not working then follow other steps.

Now i am going to tell you second thing by which you can fix dev error 5476 in call of duty warzone.

You need to go on games main menu and after that you have to look for for edit loadout it weapon section. Basically you have to go on weapons loadout section and from here you have to select each weapon to the base model.

Which means you have to replace your newest weapon with base model or original one. This is because of server problem. Due to this reason you many have problem like dev error 5476 in game. So make sure that you must replace your loadout with the basic one.

After doing all of these steps you need restart your game and play it. And your error will be fix now.


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