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Call of duty modern warfare 2 2022 Release date Everyone are excited on internet about call of duty modern warfare. This would be best activation game ever. Here in this post you will know about top interesting facts.

You have to read full artical about modern warfare 2.


1. Open beta will be will be only for PlayStation players

Open beta will be available for PlayStation players on or around September 15. Rest other console have to wait until it officially released Globally for all console. So if you are a playstation user then it is good news for you. You will get its beta access before other players.

2. This could be last game of activation for ps4 & xbox one

Activation has already supported old generation console. Call of duty modern warfare 2 will be release on ps4 & xbox one console to. Call of duty modern warfare 2 could be the last game for ps4 & xbox one. As you know that its time for next generation console like ps5.

Now a day many game developers are not supported old generation console. But activation is different from other. So activation is gonna provide call of duty modern warfare 2 to ps4 & xbox player. But could be last one game from activation for xbox one and ps4 users.

3. Gameplay is going to be so smooth like liquid

Call of duty modern warfare 2 is basically a reflection of call of duty modern warfare 2019. This is going to be new game, which you are waiting for. You will see different buildings, maps, player.

Its controller could be similar to the its previous game. But it would have many extra features. Which is surprise for all gamers.



Call of duty modern warfare 2 is going to be heavy game which require decent gaming pc to run. It requires high amount of space in your system. So clean your system storage from now. If you have small amount of space in pc then you should upgrade your system in order to play Call of duty modern warfare 2 on pc smoothly.

  • CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K or AMD Ryzen 9 3900X.
  • OS: Windows 10 64-Bit (latest update) or Windows 11 64-Bit (latest update)
  • RAM: 17 GB RAM.

5. It is of Warzone 2

Upcoming Call of duty Warfare II will be the beginning of Warzone 2. This is because activation always connect its different game to one story line. As we know that call of duty has different story line as well as different online game. But all of this things are connecting together by smart thinking of activation.

First call of duty modern warfare launched and after that we got warzone for free. So we can expect that Call of duty modern warfare 2 will launch warzone 2. But we can’t expect it will be free as warzone.

If you are facing any error in game then you can search it from here. By reading my article you can fix your problem.


6. DMZ mode in warfare 2

In call of duty modern warfare 2 we will see DMZ mode. This is very popular mode in call of duty game. Developer said that we started working on DMZ mode for call of duty modern warfare 2 from 2018.


7. Platform in which game is coming

It will release on PS5 and Xbox Series, ps4, xbox one, pc. As i told you that it call of duty modern warfare 2 could be last game for ps4 and xbox one console. So you will get best master piece now. But you have to buy ps5 or any other console which should be next generation console.

People who have pc are very lucky because pc player will get call of duty series in future too. Unlike ps4 & xbox one user pc player don’t need to worry. But you have to upgrade your pc if you have medium range pc, Because this is going to be big game. Which requires high end system.

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