Sheppard finthen error

Sheppard finthen error in Modern warfare 2 Fix As we already discussed in previous article that, Modern warfare 2 contains lots of bugs and errors like logging into demonware, Detrick mode error etc. This is very frustrating for every gamers. When the launch call of duty Mw2, They are facing another problem called “Sheppard finthen” error. Some of players are facing it while launching game, While other are facing during “selection of offline match” with bots.

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Sheppard finthen error
How to fix Sheppard finthen error in mw2

First of all you should know that, Why players are getting such problem. So first of all you should know reason behind it, And after that we gonna jump out to the real solution.

What is “Sheppard finthen error” ?

Sheppard finthen error in cod mw2 can occur due to several reasons like If your game file becomes corrupted, Then also you gonna face it. It can also occur due to insufficient space in game directory or C drive. So there could be many reason, We have to fix it manually by considering each reasons. Lets understand what is the common factor, That influence game to pop up Sheppard finthen error.

There are following reasons-

  • Game file is corrupted
  • Insufficient disk space in game directory
  • Insufficient Memory left to run game
  • Graphics driver is outdated
  • Windows 11

So we have discussed some factors, Due to which any kind of error appears on screen. Now we will understand that how to fix Mw2 Sheppard finthen error, While considering its reason.

How to fix Sheppard finthen error in Modern warfare 2 ?

In order to fix Sheppard finthen bug, You need to follow each step carefully. You don’t have to skip anything. We have already discussed some of the popular reason behind it, Now its time for real solution.

1. Clear Disk Space in Installation directory

If you are a gamer then you should know that, When we launch or play any game it takes more space in game directory to run. If you will minimize your game while running, Then you can noticed that it takes more disk space (Temporary) While game is running.

So you have to clear disk space in both C drive and Your game installation directory. Call of duty Mw2 requires lots of space while running. So make sure to clear disk space. This is how you can fix Sheppard finthen.

2. Repair game files

If you are a call of duty mw2 player, Then you should defiantly know about scan and repair method. This method is very effective. If your game files becomes corrupted then you will see error and bugs while playing Mw2. Also this method were helpful for warzone too. Now there is big question which is “Why game files got corrupted ?”. So there could be many reasons like antivirus or threat protection detects Some of game files as virus, So in this case your game files would be corrupted.

Also if there is any update pending in Call of duty Mw2, Then also “Sheppard finthen” issue can appear on screen.

Sheppard finthen error
Sheppard finthen error

If you are using steam as game launcher then simply right click on call of duty Mw2 icon and click on Local files. Now you have to click on verify integrity of game files. This will repair your game. If you are using battlenet then simply click on gear icon near modern warfare 2 icon then you will see scan and repair option. You have to simply click on it.

It will take some time, You have to wait for it. This should fix Sheppard finthen error in cod Mw2.

3. Clear Memory In system

If there is no more memory left in CPU, You will see unknown errors. First of all lets understand about memory. When you will open task manager in your pc or computer then you have to see how much memory are using by all applications. For an example if lets see “How much memory google chrome is taking?”

Sheppard finthen error
Sheppard finthen error

If our computer is not high end pc, Then we can’t play Mw2 while google chrome is running. Already modern warfare 2 requires lots of space to run, But many applications are consuming lots of memory. So we need to close or end task everything, Which is not related to the call of duty.

So make sure that you have cleaned unwanted memory. This should fix Call of duty: Modern warfare 2 Sheppard finthen error.

4. Update graphics driver

If you are still getting Sheppard finthen error in Modern warfare 2, Then it is possible that you haven’t update your graphics or video driver yet. You need to update graphics driver. But many players will do same mistake which is they try to update video driver from the device manager. They simply go on device manager then right click on display tab and search for graphics driver automatically. This method is totally wrong. If you are using same method to update video driver then you will not be able to stop crashing problem in mw2.

Modern warfare 2 crashing fix
don’t update driver from device manager.

Modern warfare 2 crashing fix
Download latest graphics driver from official website

Your graphics driver should be latest. You have to download and install it. After you installation have been done, You must launch Mw2. Now you will see that Sheppard finthen problem in modern warfare 2 have been stopped.

5. Downgrade version of windows

If you are using windows 11 for playing call of duty Mw2, Then you are doing big mistake here. Windows 11 is not capable yet to play latest title. It contains lots of bugs and errors. So if it is possible that “switched to the older version of windows”

I am going to suggest you to install windows 10, If you want to fix Sheppard finthen error in call of duty modern warfare 2. Because windows 10 is stable and able to run latest title without bugs.


If you are getting Sheppard finthen error in modern warfare 2, Then you can do this things-

  • Clear C drive and game installation directory space
  • Scan and repair game files
  • Clear Memory (Stop memory consuming application from task manager)
  • Manually update graphics driver
  • Downgrade the windows version
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