NIAMEY LEE Error in Mw2 fix

NIAMEY LEE Error in Mw2 fix Currently many call of duty players are facing error called “niamey lee” in mw 2. Modern warfare 2 contains lots of bug. Niamey lee error occur in cod game due to corrupt game file or outdated graphics driver. But in this article I am going to share with you one trick, That is most accurately working for many players.

Also some players are experiencing logging into demonware error, detrick error etc. that we already discussed previously. So you have to follow each steps carefully. I will update latest method too in future.

Reason NIAMEY LEE Error
Reason NIAMEY LEE Error

What is Reason NIAMEY LEE ?

Reason NIAMEY LEE Error is common error same as “logging into demonware error in mw2“we have already discussed. In previous article we have already discussed about demonware in mw2. There could be many reason behind this issue. We have some of the common reason, Due to which prison break error can pops up on players screen. Following reasons are:

  • Corrupt game files
  • Network issue from official game server
  • Network issue from players side
  • Server issues in specific region
  • Problem related to the activation account

Now we will fix it by applying each and every steps. You don’t have to miss anything, Because this error can pops up due to several reasons. So no one can claim that they can fix NIAMEY LEE Error in mw2 by applying single steps.

How to fix NIAMEY LEE issue in mw2 ?

1. Go on Setting then Exit

First of all I would like to give you straight forward method by which you can easily fix niamey lee issue in mw2. This method already worked for many players so you have to pay attention. First of all, When you see this error then you have to click on setting icon.

Reason NIAMEY LEE Error
Reason NIAMEY LEE Error

Now you have to again click on setting option or sub categories.

Reason NIAMEY LEE Error
Reason NIAMEY LEE Error

Now you will see quick settings, You have to click on it.

Reason NIAMEY LEE Error
Reason NIAMEY LEE Error in mw2

Now you have to simply press “key” which through you one step backward. Link if you are a console player then press “circle”. After that it will shown you campaign mode. Now your error has been fixed properly.

If you are still facing niamey lee issue then you have to apply my other method too.


2. Unlinked Your Account from the official Site (updated method)

If you are facing “reason NIAMEY LEE” problem while launching call of duty mw2 then you need to unlinked your account from the call of duty official website. Once you unlinked your account from the cod official website you need to open modern warfare 2.

Now it will ask you to create a new account, So simply click on it. Now it will ask you for “sign in through“, You have to simply sign in through the account that you recently unlinked from call of duty website. Basically you have to unlinked your account from call of duty website and then create account inside game. When you are creating your account, Just sign in with unlinked account. This method already worked for some players.

Logging Into Demonware

3. Try to login with another accounts

If you are still having mw2 Reason NIAMEY LEE problem then you can try to switching to your another account. This method already worked for many players and they twitted same things that if you want to play modern warfare 2 without any logging issue then you need to log in with another account.

Only players who already preordered the actual game can access game. During launching of game you need to try to login with second account. Players are reporting that “Reason NIAMEY LEE” in mw2 problem occurring on their main account, and when they switch it to the second it finally resolved.

Logging Into Demonware mw2
Fix Reason NIAMEY LEE Error

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