How to fix REASON NIAMEY KINSER Error Call of duty beta version has been out for all platforms, But it is in beta version now. Due to this it contains lots of bugs and problem. Due to which players are facing niamey kinser problem in cod mw2. This error looks like a connection failed problem.

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Reason NIAMEY KINSER Is very frustrating error, Which players are facing now. Currently no one exactly knows, How to fix Timed out waiting on playerstats Reason NIAMEY KINSER. But we have some popular steps which already worked for many players. So you have to apply each method.


How to fix Timed out waiting on playerstats

How to fix Timed out waiting on playerstats I am providing you some method, Which would be use full for you. You can apply those method which we already used with its previous games like warzone, vanguard etc. We have many method by which you can fix server is under maintenance or connection failed problem. Lets discuss about what could be the popular fix for this error. But before that server is currently down or not from here.

Method 1- Run Your game as administrator

Now if you want to fix Reason NIAMEY KINSER in call of duty modern warfare 2, Then you have to go on call of duty modern warfare 2 installation directory. Now you will see modern warfare 2 launch icon. You have to right click on it and run as administrator.

If modern warfare 2 is still crashing then you have to close everything like steam, battlenet, Modern warfare 2 from the task manager. You have to end task program, Which are related to the modern warfare 2. Now launch your game. It will fix NIAMEY KINSER in cod mw2.

Method 2. Repair your game files

If you are facing Timed out waiting on playerstats while launching call of duty modern warfare 2. Then it is possible that, Your game file has been corrupted. There could be many reason behind it like antivirus, threat protection, firewall etc.

You need to repair your game.

  • Just open your game launcher like battlenet.
  • Login with your account
  • You will see small gear icon for settings (modern warfare II)
  • Then look for scan & repair button
  • It will automatically repair your game
modern warfare 2 connection failed
Timed out waiting on playerstats Reason NIAMEY KINSER

Method 3. Forceful Scan & Repair

If you are still facing Cod mw2 Reason NIAMEY KINSER then you have to make your game corrupted. This is random technics which works for many people. Just follow this steps-

  • Go on call of duty modern warfare 2 game directory folder
  • Then you have to delete random files from data folder
  • Basically make your game corrupted
  • Now you need to scan & repair it as before.


Method 4. Delete Document Folder

In order to fix Reason NIAMEY KINSER in cod mw 2 you need to delete document folder. Document folder consist some config files. This config files are responsible for collecting log in activity. It also collect players profile. You have to delete it.

  • Just go on document folder
  • Go on modern warfare 2 folder
  • Delete everything inside it
  • Now launch the game

Method 5. – You Have To Change Network Connection

So in order to Timed out waiting on playerstats Reason NIAMEY KINSER You have to change networks ip address. Which means, If you are using wifi connection, then you should try to launch your game while connecting with another network. In similar case if you use mobile internet then you have to change network to the wifi connection. This method already works for many players, So don’t forget to try this.

Method 6 – Connect with Any Vpn software

Now if you are still having same problem, then try to change your ip address. So in order to change it, You need vpn software. Some times your ip address is not supported by the game server, Which can cause NIAMEY KINSER problem. Now you should download Best Vpn Software for pc. Just download it and connect with another ip address.

In vpn software you have to connect with another country. Which should have uptime between 1 hour to 8 hour.

Method 7- Try to Log in with another account

In order to fix NIAMEY KINSER problem in cod mw 2, You should login with another accounts. Which means some time there is problem with specific account. Many player have found it very helpful, When they log in with another account They simply able to play game without issue.

Now “Modern Warfare 2 Timed out waiting on playerstats ” should be fix

Method 8- You have to Delete Some Files

If you want to fix problem related to connection in modern warfare 2 looking for update then you have to delete some files from steam folder. Just you have to follow my path.

In order to fix This bug, You need to apply some simple method to fix it

  • First of all you have to go on that folder, Where steam is installed
  • Now go on steam apps folder
  • Go on common folder
  • Now you will see call of duty modern warfare 2 beta folder
  • Go on that folder you will see folder “main”
  • Inside main folder you need to delete some files.
  • You have to delete following files
Checking For Update status Modern warfare 2
Timed out waiting on playerstats Reason NIAMEY KINSER

Method 9- Open Regedit and delete some files

Now it mw2 is still having Timed out waiting on playerstats issue, then you need to open “regedit” in pc. It is registry portion of pc. Just you have to delete some files from regedit.

  • Just Go on system search then type “regedit”
  • Now you have to go on following path
  • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\
  • Delete all files
  • Also press ctrl+f
  • Now search box will pop up
  • Type on it “modern warfare” or “call of duty”, Then hit the entre button
  • If you got any result, Also Delete those file.
  • Now you have to open battlenet and try to launch game

If you are still facing modern warfare 2 crashing problem, Then you should Scan and repair your game as i already mentioned in “Mw2 beta detrick guernsey” article.

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