Modern warfare 2 Video Driver are Outdated Fix

Modern warfare 2 Video Driver are Outdated Fix “Game May Not Run Correctly Since Your Video Card Driver are Outdated” This is very common problem, Which players are facing now. This error occur while launching modern warfare 2. Cod mw2 just crashed after gpu version error massage.

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Modern warfare 2 is currently under beta mode, Which means it contains lots of bugs and errors. But we can fix it easily. So in order to fix it you need to update your graphics driver. Call of duty modern warfare 2 is one of the biggest game of 2022. It requires latest driver.

GPU Driver Version

GPU Driver Version This error generally pop’s up when your graphics driver or video driver are outdated. Cod mw2 requires updated system to run game. Your video driver and windows both should be up to date. But people do some mistake here.

When it comes to update video driver or graphics driver in pc then, Generally people go to the “device manager” and try to search latest driver by clicking right click on “display section“. But This step is wrong.

Modern warfare 2 Video Driver are Outdated Fix
Modern warfare 2 Video Driver are Outdated Fix

Now the question is what is the right way to fix “Video Driver are Outdated in cod mw2


Fix Video Driver are Outdated In MW2

Now if you want to fix Gpu driver problem then you need to download latest graphics driver from my site. I already mentioned best latest graphics card, Which will work for you. If you have amd video driver or Nvidia graphics driver, You don’t have to worried about it. Just you have to go on download section and follow some steps.

  • Click on Download driver ( Amd or Nvidia )
  • Now wait for 30 sec for the generating of download link
  • Now you have to select your graphics driver version
  • For an example i am using Amd RX 570 graphics, So i have to select correct version
  • Now download driver
  • Install it, It will fluctuate your screen while installing
  • Then restart your system

After doing all of these steps Modern warfare 2 Video Driver are Outdated problem will get resolved. Just simply download driver from download section.


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