Hueneme Concord error In MW2 fix

How to fix Hueneme Concord error In Mw2 FIX (UPDATED NOV) Call of duty modern warfare 2 has been released with many problems as we discussed already in previous post too. I don’t know why call of duty contains lots of bug and network issues.

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Connection failed problem in mw2 is most common problem found in call of duty mw2. It also appear with some error code which is “hueneme concord“. But luckily we have some popular method, Which already working for some people too.

How to fix Connection failed issue in Mw2 ? (Updated Nov 2022)

Modern warfare 2 players are facing connection failed problem. Many players are reported correct method to fix hueneme concord in mw2. First of all we should talk about its common reason. If your activation account is connected with other country then you will get this issue while launching call of duty.

Also if there is problem in your pc or network, Then you will get same problem too. Now we have discuss each thing, Which trigger connection failed bug in modern warfare 2. First of all you have to check out that call of duty mw2 server are online or offline. For that you have to visit activation website and see server status is online or offline.

If you found that server is online, But you are getting Hueneme concord error Means you have to apply my method to fix. But if you found that server is offline means you can only wait until it gets online. So your first step should be check your server status. If it shows call of duty modern warfare 2 server is online, Then you need to follow all steps otherwise you have to wait for it.

1. Change region in activation

You have to log in activation account, Then you need to check out which country is selected under activation account. Players are reported that, They were facing Mw2 connection failed problem when they were connected with wrong country.

Let me explain in detail, For an example if you are in USA then in activation it should show your country location USA too. But if you see that you are connected with other country, Then definitely you gonna face hueneme concord bug in cod mw2.

So just sign in with activation account and change your country location, If it is connected with different country.

2. Change country flag, If you found different flag

How to fix Mw2 connection failed If you are connected with correct country then you need to check out Tiny flag icon. Some time you are getting hueneme concord in mw2, Because you are connected with correct country but still your country flag which is selected is wrong. So you have to choose correct tiny country flag icon.

How to fix Mw2 connection failed

3. Restart your computer

If you want to fix hueneme concord error, Then you can fix your problem by restarting your computer. This method already worked for many call of duty player. We don’t know exactly why, But some random techniques are resolving problems.

4. Restart your router

Many call of duty player said that, When the restart router error got fixed. Simply you have to unplugged wifi router for 30 sec. Then you have to plug it. This should fix connection failed issue in mw2.

5. Change your network

If you are still getting same problem, Then you should change your network. For an example, If you are using wifi internet then switch to the mobile hotspot. Player of call of duty experienced that, When they changed their network issue got resolved.

So simply connect with mobile internet or hotspot in order to fix hueneme concord error.

6. Change Network from Public to privet

This is latest fixed for connection failed problem. Just you have to change your network from public to privet. We don’t know why it is working, But you can fix error by doing this step. For that you have to go on network section, Then go to the properties and change your network from public to privet.

This should fix connection failed issue in mw2.

How to fix Mw2 connection failed
How to fix Mw2 connection failed
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