Game_ship.exe error in MW2 fix

Game_ship.exe error in MW2 fix So currently many call of duty players are facing same problem called “game ship error“. This error pops up on players screen with “scan and repair” massage. Scan & repair massage always comes with different error codes. This becomes harder to get exact solution. Currently no one claim that, They can really solve gameship bug in call of duty game.

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But finally we have some popular method, Which directly comes from players who already got fixed by this error. They simply shared their experience, So lets discuss each of them carefully.

Game_ship.exe error

Top 7 Method To Solve Gameship error

Game_ship.exe error in MW2 commonly occur when you are in main menu or in match. Which means it is clear that, This error is not related to launching problem. Game just crash randomly. Now lets understand how can we get resolved by this error.

  • Turning off ingame voice chat
  • Turn off Voice Chat in game
  • Set lower graphics
  • Turn on safe mode
  • Down your render resolution
  • Disable nvidia overlay
  • Install previous version of Nvidia

1. Turning off ingame voice chat

Now if you want to fix Game_ship.exe error in MW2, Then you need to Turn Off Voice Chat option in modern warfare 2. Many call of duty player experienced same thing that, When they turn off in game voice chat they fixed gameship issue in mw2.

2. Turn off Parallax Effects in game

If in call of duty mw2 Parallax Effects is enabled, Then you will defiantly face gameship error or scan & repair error. We don’t know exactly why, But yes this method already worked for many call of duty players so you have to disable parallax effects in game.

Game_ship.exe error in MW2 fix
Game_ship.exe error in MW2 fix

3. Set lower graphics

If you are facing “scan and repair” issue in mw2 then simply lower the setting of modern warfare 2. Many mw2 players twitted that, When they reduced game graphics settings error got fixed. But many of them are complaining that, Why we need to reduce texture quality if our pc is capable to play high end games with high fps.

But until we get exact fix for game ship bug for mw2, We need to compromise. I know it is sad but it is true.

4. Turn on safe mode

In order to solve scan & repair in mw2, You need to run your game in safe mode. Safe mode will help you to avoid game crashing. I know that in safe mode graphics becomes blurry but it is effectively working for cod players

5. Down your render resolution

In order to get fix from Game_ship.exe error in mw2 you have to down your render resolution setting. You have to set it to below 50. So in order to fix this problem simply reduce your render resolution.

Game_ship.exe error in MW2 fix
Game_ship.exe error in MW2 fix

6. Disable nvidia overlay

Call of duty MW2 Players are twitted that, By disabling nvidia overlay option in call of duty modern warfare 2 they fixed gameship error. So you have to find out Nvidia overlay option in modern warfare 2 and then disable it.

7. Install previous version of Nvidia

If you are using Latest Nvidia graphics driver then you have to downgrade its version, Because Nvidia latest driver not stable yet. It already contains lots of error and bugs. So you have to download outdate version of graphics driver.

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